So why am I here?

This is a blog to share no personal adventures, nor gossip about celebrities. This blog was made because we’ve been deceived.

The idea of illuminati is ridiculous of course, but it is exactly this type of thing that is being used to control us. I’m afraid it’s not as obvious as you might think, but let me reassure you, there is no cult that is determined to enslave the world, just leaders struggling to maintain their power.

Years ago, these leaders would use armies to control us, simply by force. This was nothing more than practicality, I hold no grudge against those with power, but they could not maintain that world, because people were still able to think freely. This created a situation where feudal wars broke out and people were constantly rising and falling and the idea of control had failed.

So, the leaders tried a different method: they tried to convince us with flags and stories of heroism and told us that they were correct. That there was no other way.

But the problem is it didn’t stop there. Because the truth has become gradually more esoteric. It’s not for the reason you might think ~ the media have not become more convincing. They have deceived us by using propaganda against us.

A rumour is only a reliable as it’s source.

Understand this, and you’ll understand the problem. Today, tabloid newspapers have discredited the idea of free speech. This blog won’t get more interest than a newspaper, even if everyone agreed with me. People will believe the tabloid newspapers.

Let’s say the Daily X tells a lie about Y. Y can retaliate and prove their case. All seems well right?

The Daily X don’t lose any readers. But if they want to, they don’t have to deal with the competition. They can create a website to tell less.

I know what you’re thinking; why would they do that?

Because Y and Z have similar views. What Y said will be dismissed as a worthless rumour.

This format is being constantly used to confuse us. To throw half-truths in, until we cannot separate myth from reality.

That’s what it’s all about; being blind to the truth because of all the half truths.

This blog has been created to try to get at the important stuff.

But given how difficult us humans are to control, I can’t blame them for resorting to this.

Can you?