The BNP’s 2014 misleading cartoon (from their election campaign)

This is my first thoroughly researched post as a blogger and I do hope you enjoy it. All I’m doing is taking apart a far right political party’s advertising campaign from here in the UK. The BNP (British national party) have a history of racism in the UK. I have used a number of sources to prove that what they say is not credible by any standards and will refer to them throughout this post:

This is the video:

Source a:

Source b:

Source c:

Source d:

So let us begin at the beginning, for that is a good place to begin. The song and cartoon is made to the tune of “All things bright and  beautiful” which I found hilariously ironic. If all things were made (as the original song suggests) by a god who loved everyone, then discrimination against immigrants simply cannot be justified.

The first thing to note in this video is that immigrants are referred to as though they are an alien species; do not be fooled, as Russell Brand put it; “Being an immigrant just means you came from somewhere else. Once they were there, now they ain’t.” Nothing sinister. Immigrants are people.

The first line of the parody song is:

“All the sponges of the earth, come here to have a go,

Bet you’re glad you’ve been enriched by taxes paid for all,”

The first thing that struck me is that there was a major flaw in their metaphor. By “all the sponges of the earth” I think they were trying to imply that immigrants just come to absorb all the country’s wealth. This is bizzare to me because the same way that what goes up must come down, a sponge lets out just as much water as it lets in. They didn’t get past the first comma without making a mistake.

The second line appears to imply that we pay taxes to make ourselves rich. This is a very poor understanding of the welfare and pensions system, whichever it is they’re referring to. Yes politicians are cheating the system and they’ve got to be stopped. However, you have never paid taxes to enrich anyone, regardless of who they are, including yourself. It is a psychological trick to personalize the tax system and make you feel like you deserve more than you’re getting.  Don’t fall for it.

“Some come here to take our jobs they tell us it’s okay,

And others come and sign on,

We brits just have to pay,”

I think Britain benefits from immigration personally. Very few of the people who come here abuse the benefits system. How few? Well, consider that in 2011, 75% of all the immigrants coming to this country have full university degrees. (see source a) So you can have a guess at how many immigrants get well payed jobs and don’t use the benefits system at all. It helps to put it into perspective when you consider that only 21% of Britain’s adults have university degrees.

In the same study, it was shown that, on average in 2011, British people pay 11% less tax than they receive, while the newest of immigrants pay 2% more than they receive. So if anyone is benefiting unfairly in this system, it’s not the immigrants taking their first step in our multi-cultural (and proud!!) society, it’s actually us.

“It’s time for urban action to set our people free,

Tell our masses where to go by voting bnp.”

This is the chorus of this awful parody and they are words which I am becoming thoroughly sick of, so I may just put “Ch” to keep this post relatively short.

“Some come for operations, and some to steal and burn,

Are parties here for everyone with no feathers and two legs?”

What is implied by the operations line is that some come for the benefits the NHS provides. While this may seem like a valid argument at first, I would be happy for those taxes to be used to save someone’s life, regardless of where they’re from.

And why shouldn’t they? Immigrants pay taxes, like us. The ones who are newly arrived don’t even have full NHS access until they are considered full tax paying citizens (see Source b)

The line about stealing and burning is extremely racist as it suggests that immigrants are destructive criminals. Quite the opposite in fact; since 2003 there has been a mass fluctuation in immigration and crime rates have actually fallen in direct correlation with this rise in immigration. (See source c) So it is simply not true that immigrants commit crimes; if anything, they’ve helped prevent them.

With the last line, the BNP is making a joke about only penguins not being allowed past customs. I say we should just let penguins through customs if it will shut the BNP up (British National Penguins now)

“Its time for urban action to set our people free,

Tell our masses where to go by voting bnp.

All sorts of diverse cultures, around our country rule,

Refusing to adopt our ways,

Its time to send them home,”

Ignoring that hideous and cliched chorus, I want to point out that I’m proud to live in multi cultural Britain and all these “diverse cultures” are our friends. From my own personal experience, I’ve never run into an immigrant who refused to speak english. If anyone is well known for their intolerance towards other languages and cultures, it’s the British national penguins I’m afraid. Not immigrants in the UK.

“Its time for urban action to set our people free,

Tell our masses where to go by voting bnp.

They give them homes and benefits, a place for them to be,

But just who has to pay the bill?

You guessed; that’s you and me,”

I hardly need to tell you again that this is simply wrong and immigrants are not a strain on the benefits system (See source b and c). The second thing is that of course, all people (even immigrants Mr.Griffin) have a right to shelter under the 1998 human rights act. So this song is utter crap however you look at it.


There’s some who prey on little girls from takeaways and taxis,

Some beg or sell big issue,

Or kill with knives and axes,”

The pure racist ignorance in these lines is unbelievable. Shame on you penguins for making these people feel bad. It makes me angry how the BNP are implying here that immigrants are pedophiles or gang members. The majority of immigrants are more disciplined than the average British born person is. They don’t prey on anyone. Only the BNP prey on people who are vulnerable.

From takeaways and taxis is an extremely racist and cliched line. The majority of immigrants look for work wherever they can find it and they work bloody hard. It’s also ironic because takeaways and taxis are a thoroughly British invention. The BNP seem not to like either though…

If someone is begging or selling the big issue, it means they are desperate. People do not choose to be poor. These people are not the problem; it’s the far right multi-millionaires that have all the money. Surely these are the people that are sucking the system dry. Leave the poor people alone.

The last line is a reference to the tragic murder of Lee Rigby. We all remember the horror of that day. But the islamophobic press has fed off that for far too long. There are 2.87 MILLION muslim people in this country. Two of them went rogue. Calm yourselves BNP. That’s 2/287000000.


As long as you have two legs and don’t have any wings,

They’ll welcome you to Britain,

And give you lots of things.”

So they gave the penguin gag another go. I think this country is quite accepting of penguins, if I’m perfectly honest. Also, you don’t actually have to have two legs to qualify for British citizenship- we don’t discriminate against people with one leg or even 3. It’s just best not to discriminate at all and clearly the BNP haven’t caught up with this yet.

Also, once again, we don’t give immigrants lots of things for free. The average benefits claimants receive £50 a week, which is no fortune, considering it has to pay for EVERYTHING. They are not rich and cheating the system. Those people are called “Rich people”, not “poor people”. Why do they have so much trouble grasping this?


They say they’re just minorities, no need to make a fuss,

But if you don’t help turn things then,

The minority will be us,


This is where you realize that we need to start treating all people like humans, rather than seeing them as their “heritage”, because we are all humans and regardless of who is in the minority and who is in the majority, we are all related to each other in the end. I chose the Daily Mail (source d) as my source to prove that British born people are not in a minority.

The Daily Mail is well known for anti-immigration propaganda, but the most they could claim, was that immigrants made up 13% of the population in 2011. This is hardly a majority, especially when you consider that the Daily Mail is well known for exaggerating their immigration statistics, so it is probably more like a tenth of the population. That is 7.5 million immigrants and 63.23 million British born people.

Forgive me for laughing hysterically, but that hardly sounds like a majority of immigrants.

The final scene shows Nick Griffin’s pet bulldog chasing away the other party leaders. It is illegal in this country to train a pet to attack anyone Nick. Regardless of whether or not they are British pets.

And discrimination against minority groups is also illegal.