Why do I fully support Exposing Britain First’s campaign?


EBF can be found on Facebook

EBF can be found on Facebook

EBF or exposing Britain first, is a page on Facebook,  that has emerged to counter the extremism of the far right political party, called “Britain First”. Source (1) gives you a link directly to their page and I urge you to like this page if you are on Facebook.

Britain First can, without a shadow of a doubt, be accused of hate crimes and spreading propaganda against the Muslim community. Exposing Britain first is run by 4 fantastic admins, Liu beu, Scout, Unity and Luka and I have had the pleasure of interacting with them myself. All three make it quite clear that EBF does not seek to support anything but the idea of peaceful co-existence and they are united in their belief that Britain First is a threat to multi cultural co-existence.

Among the other things that Britain first has accused Muslims of, there is; militant encouragement and extremism, and a culture of violence towards women.

Fortunately, to most people these accusations are visibly transparent. They are pure lies.


“Militant Islam”


The idea that muslims are trying to take over or enslave all infidels (non muslims) is ludicrous even to me, a gullible sixteen year old boy. One of the many reasons I find this continued rhetoric by the far right so irritating is that Islam accounts for about 20-25% of the worldwide population’s beliefs(source (2)). Given this fact, the only conclusion which I can reasonably come to is that the large majority of Muslims are peaceful people.

EBF have worked tirelessly against Britain First’s propaganda of “Muslim grooming gangs”. A very small percentage of crimes committed in the UK demonstrate any Muslim involvement. It is the same propaganda the far right have used to win votes countless times. I do not doubt Paul Golding (leader of Britain First)’s sincerity on the subject, but I would ask him to recognise that it has been proven that crime has never been an issue to do with ethnicity and religion, so much as appearance on the autistic scale and emotional detachment (Source (3))


Racism of a new form


The new brand of racism against muslims is popular among the far right at the moment and although Britain First say that “Racism was a phrase invented in the 20th century to enforce political correctness”, they were quick to change that view when their Party’s branch in Northern Ireland was attacked by Irish racism. EBF said that “the irony of that situation was not lost on us.”

So racism does exist when Britain first want it to.

Case and point about their propaganda:

Earlier this year, they went to protest against the building of a new mosque in Kent. The overly dramatic video created by the group can be found under source (4).In this video, you can see Britain first repeatedly claim that Islam is sexist because it segregates men and women and “the quraan says that a woman is worth half of a man”

The idea of sexual segregation is not an idea that we are unaccustomed to here in the UK. While the facilities of each are equal, I see no reason why sexual segregation in mosques is any less justified than sexually segregated swimming pool changing rooms.

The time spent in a mosque is, for many muslims, time to focus on Allah and many feel thatboth men and women distract each other, making quiet contemplation difficult. That is how I can logically see it, in any case.

The Quraan does indeed say that a woman is worth half of a man, but as it quite clearly says in source (5), they are equal in spiritual terms and Islam is not a sexist religion. Interestingly, many Muslim countries gave women the power to vote long before Christian countries.

From an atheist perspective, I can also see that this could be a metaphor to stress the importance of family and childbirth; in other words, a woman bearing a child could be considered “fulfilled”.

Either way, EBF has helped open my eyes to these false accusations from Britain First.


Who are the leaders of Britain First?


Much of the racism that comes from Britain First is part of a failure to understand that Islam, like all religions, can be used as a force for good or evil. It is the leaders who decide how the religion is used.

On that note, Britain First has two main leaders: Paul Golding (Party leader) and Jim Dowson (PR fundraiser and ex-BNP fundraiser).

Jim Dowson is an Scottish Calvinist minister who has been reputed to have said that Islam is “satantic”. If that isn’t enough to condemn him, the allegations of sexual assault (Source (6)), that caused him to leave the BNP, should be enough to earn your mistrust of this man. He has also been on countless homophobic gay wedding crashes, harassing happy couples as seen in source (7).

Paul Golding is an ex-BNP member who left the BNP because it wasn’t “radical enough” for him. However, he is an aggressive islamaphobic, like most BNP members and his true nature is quite clearly shown in source (8), which was an encounter between the EDL, BNP and Britain First ….reasonable politics worst nightmare.

If the leaders of Britain First are anything to go by, I would say Exposing Britain First has a very strong case.


Dodgy tactics of Britain First

Britain First Dodgy

Spend some time on the exposing Britain First page and you will quickly realise that Britain First is full of dodgy scams that earn likes for their Facebook page and money for their campaign.

The usual piece online, will be a “stop animal cruelty”, “stop child abuse”, or a “get soldiers better pay” picture.

However, the link underneath leads to Britain First’s own donation pages, where the unsuspecting donors have gone to place their money. (An example of this can be seen in source (9)).

The other way that Britain First get donations, is by going into the street and selling badges that suggest they are campaigning for war veterans and currently serving soldiers. (see Source (10) for an example of this) but of course, the money goes straight into the pockets of Paul Golding and Britain First.

Of course, the votes they get is also money to them, and the continued use of Lee Rigby’s image, despite his Family’s protests, shows little or no respect for the fallen soldier. See Source (11) for the specific details.

I have heard many people suggest that comparing a group to the Nazis is a sign of desperation. However, this occurred to me as being a foolish rule to follow if we are to avoid the horrors of genocide in our modern day.

I have no doubt that it was not intentional, but Britain First spending their donations on three armoured land rovers does look like a Nazi-type military tactic. My opinion on the subject is not helped by the fact that they call their groups “battalions”.

Paul Golding tried to justify the purchase by saying that the land rovers had saved 11 of their activists, when they were set upon by 300 angry muslims in a place called “Brick lane”.

I was just speculating, but “Brick lane” sounds like a small side alley or footpath, not somewhere you could fit 311 people, 3 armoured land rovers and Paul Golding’s ego.

Their intimidating tactics really were the final nail in the coffin for any belief I might once have  had that Britain First should be free to voice their opinion in this manner. The best example is when Paul Golding turned up with 10 men at the mayor of Bradford’s house because he refused to meet with them (see source (12)). I sympathise with the mayor’s position, as he is a muslim and clearly felt threatened by the group.




The true reason that EBF has my full support is that I see the real blindness and arrogance of Britain First and I am keen to stop it in it’s tracks. Thanks to the work of Scout, Liu Beu, Unity and Luka, Britain First was removed from Facebook for a short time (see source (13)), as this is where they gain their most support through unsuspecting animal lovers, not hardcore right wing “Christian patrols” as seen in source (14).

Britain First ends many of it’s posts in “Onward Christian soldiers”, so to honour that tradition, I urge you to like Exposing Britain First on Facebook and I say to you, go onward, peacekeepers from every and any walks of life, go onward to help end this problem.

Peace/Salaam x








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